How points system works

We give reward to our users. for each action you make in our website.

1 Million points == $25

  • for each video submitting you earn 100 points.
  • when you register you earn 50 points.
  • subscribing to a user member list 25 point
  • like a media (video, picture, vine..) 5 points.
  • Comment 2 points

please avoid scam to avoid Ban smiley

point system is a way to say thank you for visiting us and not a full time job or a money generator.

if we find you are scaming we will ban your account or remove you from points system. Just use the website as normal use.

what is scam: 

keep liking each video one after one.

submitting links in mass 

we want to keep it clean, when you submit a video choose the proper category.

if you have any question please contact us.